There may well be a killer on the loose but the shady world of Whitechapel depicted in 1888 is filled with a plethora of equally mysterious characters, here you'll learn more about them and their past...

Born 15 May, 1869, Canning Town, London. Only daughter of Bessie and Ted Walker. Father was a merchant seaman who died at sea in 1872 when Rosie was 3 years old. Mother brought her up alone until she died in 1881 of Fever. Rosie, then aged 10, went into St. Mary’s Orphanage, Canning Town. At age 16 left orphanage to go into domestic service for Lord and Lady Beresford of 4 Clarence Square, City of London, where she works now as a housemaid.

Born 5 December, 1862 in Harrow, Middlesex. Parents are grocers and have been running their own shop for the past 28 years. Good, solid upbringing and education. Had the chance of further education but chose to join the Met. Police in 1879, aged 17. Very ambitious, has done well so far in police force and was promoted into the CID in 1884, aged 22. Now he is looking for further promotion.

Born Mary Jane Kelly in Limerick, Ireland in 1866. Mother killed when Mary was 3 so father brought her to Carmarthenshire, Wales. He was employed in ironworks where he died after an accident at work in 1874. Mary was sent to London, aged 8, and taken in by St. Mary’s orphanage, Canning Town. She left at 16 ending up as a prostitute in the East End. Has lived in Millers Court, Whitechapel for 5 months, on and off with her common-law husband Joseph Barnett.

Born Frederick George Abberline on 8 January, 1843 at Blandford, Dorset. Middle class family. Joined the Met. Police in 1863 aged 20. Married to Emma. Extensive knowledge of the East End. Respected and liked by colleagues and the public.

Born in 1826 at Hastings, Sussex of a military family. Well educated and from a privileged background. Main career as a soldier. Married wife, Margaret, in 1856. Appointed Met. Police Commissioner in 1887, knighted the same year. A strong leader but unsympathetic to those around him, especially the general public.

Born Benjamin John Fozzard on 13 March 1851 in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Has one brother and a sister. Father was a solicitor who died a while ago. Good academic schooling. Left school and went on to study medicine at New College, Oxford where he gained an Honours Degree. Now a surgeon at the London Hospital and a consultant physician in a private practice in Belgravia. He is wealthy, having a town house in Clarence Square, City of London and a house by the sea in Eastbourne, Sussex. His social standing is consistent with his position as a successful surgeon.

Born in 1854 at Bethnal Green, London. Father a slaughterman. He has 5 brothers and sisters. Apprenticed as a funeral directors assistant until 1875 aged 21. Hansom cab driver for the gentry. Has been employed the last 2 years by Dr. B. Fozzard of Clarence Square, City of London, as coach driver.
Born John Pizer in Poland, 1847. Jewish. Came to London in 1872 aged 25. Became known as Jack. Worked as a bootmaker in Commercial Street, Whitechapel. Well known in the East End by police and prostitutes alike for his anti-social behaviour. Known as “Leather Apron”. He lives at 22 Mulberry Street, a lodging house, with his brother.

A fresh-faced Salvation Army volunteer who has unwavering journalistic aspirations, and a desire to truly expose the living conditions and social deprivation of life in London’s East End.

A British journalist and is known as one of the early pioneers of investigative journalism. He was born in Embleton, Northumberland, and the son of a Congregational minister.

A Victorian era British feminist who was especially concerned with the welfare of prostitutes. She led the long campaign for the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts both in Britain and internationally from 1869 to 1886.

An English actor best known for his performances in Shakespeare plays, Gilbert and Sullivan operas and for his portrayal of the dual title roles in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Landlady of The Frying Pan pub in Brick Lane. A local ‘character’ who is often at hand to provide support for the local working women.

Mother of Benjamin Fozzard, a women of social standing who enjoys the company of others she considers of equal class. Entertains a great deal, hosting numerous dinner parties for those she considers current and fashionable. Has little regard or knowledge of the 'world' outside of her immediate circle or circumstances.